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AAR Insurance Kenya

AAR Insurance Kenya

AAR Insurance Kenya is the second largest medical insurance company in Kenya, closely behind the Jubilee Insurance. AAR is a pioneer in medical health care in East Africa, having started off sorely in the business of medical and accident casualty evacuations.
It is one of the main medical providers in Kenya with its own outpatient medical centres in Nairobi and major towns country wide managed by AAR HealthCare Limited.
AAR is widely known for its medical insurance but since 2012, it was licenced to offer other insurance products in the general business line like personal accident insurance, travel insurance, domestic/home insurance, doctors indemnity cover and more. On its online platform, clients can calculate medical insurance premium rates and also get quotes for individuals, families and SMEs.

AAR Insurance has one of the best medical covers for individuals and families with perhaps the most affordable in patient medical premium rates. It offers in patient packages with limits up to KSh 20 million, these limits are split into two sub-limits, one for accidents and one for illnesses. The AAR medical insurance also includes maternity benefits for expectant mothers, these are limited so it is advisable to take out a maternity insurance option. The medical covers also include some benefits for optical and dental covers, something that is not common with other top medical insurance providers in Kenya.

AAR Insurance Company is a pioneer in the health insurance industry in Kenya, it offers a No Claims Discount (NCD) product called ProActive, and this product rewards members who do not claim on their health insurance and promotes healthy living habits. Part of AAR Kenya is AAR Credit, that finances member who wish to pay their health insurance premiums in instalments with the help of a financial institution.

AAR Insurance Kenya has over 10 clinics in Nairobi catering for outpatient services and many branches and clinics in major cities countrywide.

AAR Proactiv Medical Insurance

Welcome to the revolution that puts you in control of your health and your money. Gone are the days you paid your medical insurance and got nothing back.

Kenya's first and only medical insurance that pays you back in cash for your healthy lifestyle now has enhanced features that not only give you premium medical cover, but also pay you back part of your unused premium every year.

What’s more? For every year you sustain cover with us, your cover limits grow without you paying more!

This enhanced medical insurance will cover both out-patient and in-patient treatment. If healthy, you will receive part of your premium back at the end of the year as well as enjoy bigger cover the following year!

If sick, AAR Proactiv guarantees you premium medical care at any of our wide network of providers.

Why Choose AAR Proactiv Medical Insurance Solution?

  • Members who have embraced a healthy lifestyle and therefore do not utilize their insurance cover can now get part of the money they used to pay for insurance back. Your premiums no longer go to a bottomless hole
  • Members who sustain their cover with AAR Insurance will grow their limits for every year they stay with AAR Insurance without paying additional money. The longer you stay with AAR Insurance, the bigger your cover limit grows at no extra cost
  • Members always get something back. When sick, they get covered, when healthy, they get their money back!

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Head Office Real Towers, Ground Floor, Hospital Road, Upper Hill

P.O. Box 41766 - 00100, Nairobi

0730 633000 | 0703063000
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Mombasa Branch
Harbour House, 1st Floor, Moi Avenue
Tel: +254 041 2226697
P.O. Box 87858 - 80100, Mombasa
Kisumu Branch
Al Imran Plaza, 1st Floor, Oginga Odinga Street
Tel: +254 057 2023535
Cell: +254 731 191069
Eldoret Branch
Saito Centre, 1st Floor, Oloo Street, Eldoret
Tel: +254 053 2030636
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Mega Mall, 2nd Floor, Kakakmega
Tel: 056 2031796
Email: +254 733 200208



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