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Comprehensive car insurance protects you from costs arising out of third party damage, bodily injury, theft and damage to you car. Choosing best insurance cover can be confusing but we have made it quick and easy, compare all the rates, benefits, excess online.


Compare car insurance premium rates from all the leading providers in Kenya. Get additional benefits like extra limits for windscreen damage, replacement courtesy car and more all online.


Our experienced service team will answer any questions you have and give you expert advice to help you get the best insurance cover for your car.


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comprehensive insurance Kenya

Comprehensive Car Insurance in Kenya is the leading price comparison platform for online comprehensive car insurance in Kenya. We provide quotes from top insurers in Kenya to help consumers choose the best cover. Our service is completely free of charge to the consumer, we charge 0% fees or commissions. We partner with the best providers in the market to get the best rates for motor insurance for retail customers with one or more vehicles. This covers private and commercial motor vehicles for carrying own goods.

Comprehensive car insurance includes cover for physical damage, theft or fire of the insured vehicle and also includes third party property damages, bodily injuries and legal liability of the insured. The policy will compensate the insured for any costs arising out of an accident, theft, flooding, earthquake or fire. This is the main difference with third party only (TPO) cover, which covers costs and damages to the third party property and bodily injuries, it is the minimum cover policy required by the law.

Customers with fleets of vehicles can enjoy discounted rates for their annual premiums. Customers can also enjoy discounted rates thanks to a No Claims Discount (NCD) for good drivers who are rewarded for their safe driving habits. Our platform breaks down the different motor insurance policies making it easy for our customers to quickly and accurately compare the different policy benefits on offer and buy online all at your convenience and comfort. Clients view online auto insurance quotations, make payments for the premium and receive their sticker delivered free of charge same day in Nairobi and within 2 business days for the rest of Kenya.

We recommend two main benefits on top of the basic car policy, the excess protector for own damage and the political violence & terrorism (PVT) cover. In the event of a claim, customers who don’t have an excess protector extension may be forced to pay high charges for the excess on the policy, which ruins the principle of indemnity. In addition, the basic comprehensive motor insurance policy does not cover damages to the insured car arising out of events of a political nature or terrorism. Therefore two options will cover the insured and owner from the two biggest risks and expenses associated with damage to the vehicle in Kenya. There are flexible ways to pay for your comprehensive policy premiums online, payment can be done in instalments, and Premium Financing (IPF) is also available.

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Do you add any commissions on your prices?
No, the motor vehicle insurance quotes you see are the lowest rates negotiated from our panel of insurance companies in Kenya. These are exclusive motor insurance rates and you may not get them elsewhere in Kenya.
Can I pay the premiums in instalments?
If it's not possible to pay the full premiums in full, you may pay 50% of the premiums, the provider will issue a 1 month policy which is then extended when you complete the payment. In addition we can arrange an insurance premium financing, on this scheme, you pay a small cost to get financing from an institution.
Can I get a courtesy car in case my car is in the garage?
Yes, some of our packages include a courtesy car. For others, you can add this optional benefit along with other benefits like personal accident cover, extra limits for windscreen damage and radio cassettle damage.
Do I need the valuation of my car?
Yes, valuation of the vehicle is required to complete the car insurance policy. On your quote for car insurance, we will use the closest known market value of the vehicle and once the cover is placed, we will issue a valuation slip which you can use to command a FREE valuation at the appointed valuation outlet.
What's covered on this policy?
This policy will cover fire, theft, accidental damage to the vehicle. We advise that you include an excess protector and political violence cover to your policy to make it fully comprehensive.
What if I have more than one car?
Congratulations, you might be able to qualify for a discount on your car insurance by taking out a multi car policy. Most insurers give discounts to owners of fleets(more than 2 cars). Are you good driver? If you have a low claims ratio, you could qualify for a further discount on your car insurance quote in Kenya.
Will you handle my claims? How long does it take?
Yes, our claims team will assist you in the unfortunate event that you have a claim. For small claims, you can expect to have it processed in less than 5 working days if it's been fully documented. Rest assured, our team will make sure you are back on the road as quickly as possible.
What documents do I need ?
After reviewing and agreeing to your online quote for motor insurance, ee will need a copy of your National ID/Passport, driving licennce and logbook of the vehicle in order to place your car insurance. These are required for Know Your Client (KYC), mandated by financial regulation in Kenya.



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