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motor cycle insurance Kenya

Motor Cycle Insurance

The number of motorcycles on Kenyan roads has exploded over the last 5 years becoming an affordable and popular mode of transport. The majority of motorcycles are PSV motorcycles, commercial and lastly private motorcycles. However, compared to many other mid income countries, the proliferation of motor cycles still remains very low as Kenyans continue to embrace affordable second hand motor vehicles from Japan. The motorcycle insurance market in Kenya consequently very small, owes to the high loss nature from road accidents and robbery or theft.

A limited number of insurance companies offer motorcycle insurance in Kenya. Due to the size and value of the motorcycle industry in Kenya, alongside the high risk and loss nature of the business, most insurance companies don’t offer motor cycle insurance. A few insurers offer insurance for private and commercial motor cycles and less than 5 insurance companies offer insurance cover for the PSV boda boda market, the most risky segment of the motorcycle market.

3 types of motorcycles in Kenya


Private motorbikes are those used by owners for private and personal use mainly self-transportation. They may be used to ferry friends and family but such must be strictly not for financial reward.


This type of motorcycles is commonly used by corporate organisations, small to medium enterprises, courier companies in Kenya and they are used solely for delivery of parcels and goods.

PSV (boda boda)

This is the largest number of motorcycles on Kenyan roads. The Public Service Vehicles (PSV) commonly called bodaboda. They are used primarily for ferrying passengers for financial reward.

3 types of motorcycle insurance in Kenya

Comprehensive insurance

This type of insurance covers the motorcycle and accessories from accidental damage, fire, theft and other perils like storms and flooding. It also covers the insured against financial loss due to third party bodily injuries and property damage and legal liabilities in the event of a road accident.

Third Party Fire and Theft Only (TPF&T)

This insurance covers the all third party liabilities arising out of a road accident involving the insured and also covers the asset (motor cycle) against loss or damage by fire and theft.

Third Party Only (TPO)

Similar to car insurance, this is the minimum legal requirement for motor cycles to be on the road. This insurance covers the insured from all liabilities resulting from third party bodily injuries and property damage.

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