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Find the best family medical insurance quote for your requirements. Choose shared or per individual medical plans and find flexible limits for the optional benefits like outpatient, maternity dental, optical treatments among others. Compare high end and economy plans that give access to a wide range of medical providers and hospitals in Kenya and overseas.


Compare health insurance quotes for families with up to 6 children. Find the tailored medical plan for your family size and change the optional benefits, limits and hospital network according to your needs. Tailor your cover according to your requirements and save money on your medical insurance rates in Kenya.


Our medical service team help you to tailor your medical insurance quote to tailor your medical history, usage, budget and requirements. They will answer any questions/concerns you may have and give you recommendations about insurance and healthy living.

Compare Family Health Insurance in Kenya and Make an Informed Choice

A single serious illness could use up any savings you may have set aside for your retirement, your children's education or for that dream home. Health insurance makes seeing the doctor or getting specialist treatment in Kenya and overseas a lot more affordable. Compare health insurance plans to choose the right medical cover for you or your loved ones and get specialist advice from our experienced health insurance experts. They can answer any questions and advise you on exclusions, excesses, medical providers, waiting periods and guide you to find the best cover for your needs.


How do I get covered for maternity?
All medical insurance companies in Kenya cover maternity subject to a waiting period of 10-12 months. So, it is not possible to get a maternity insurance a pregrancy has started. Some health insurance plans in Kenya cover maternity as part of the InPatient limits while most of the plans offer maternity cover as an optional benefit at an additional cost.
Can I cover my child separately?
It is possible to cover juniors less than 18 years old on a medical insurance plan without requiring an adult to be insured on the same plan. However, only plans for inpatient medical insurance are available for juniors.
What about optical and dental covers?
Optical and Dental are mainly offered as optional benefits on most of the health insurance options. They offer valuable insurance against common eye and tooth conditions that may cause unplanned physical and financial stress. These two options may only be taken with an inpatient and outpatient plan.
Will this insurance work with my NHIF?
Yes, health insurance will work with the NHIF cover. Medical bills incurred in hospital especially for inpatient visits may be paid net of NHIF limits. This means your medical insurance limits will take you further courtesy of the NHIF benefits.
Can I take an outpatient plan only?
No, it is not possible to take an outpatient medical insurance plan on its own. All medical insurance plans in Kenya required the insured to take a mandatory in-patient medical option.
What happens if I or family member has pre-existing medical conditions?
You may still be accepted on cover with the pre-existing conditions. However, pay attention to the waiting periods section of your medical insurance quoation as these will apply. Any and all pre-existing and chronic should be fully disclosed before taking up the health insurance policy, failure to do so may result in cover cancellation.



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