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Protect the health of you and your loved ones by getting the best health insurance. Get health insurance to cover all charges for inpatient, outpatient, maternity, dental, optical treatments in wide range of medical providers and hospitals in Kenya and overseas.


Compare health insurance plans for individuals, families and senior citizens from all the leading providers in Kenya. Compare optional extras like outpatient, maternity cover and more online.


Our dedicated medical service team will answer any questions you have and give you expert advice on exclusions, excesses, and terms to help you get the best value medical insurance for you and your loved ones.

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Health and Medical Insurance Companies in Kenya

Medical insurance in Kenya is a great tool that can protect the insured from high costs arising out of an illness or an accident provided they are covered on a health policy. This way, it is a great tool for financial planning. The policy is divided into two main categories:

In-patient cover - Which is termed as treatment to a patient who is admitted to a hospital for treatment that requires at least one overnight stay.

Outpatient cover - Treatment to a patient who attends a hospital or clinic for treatment without staying there overnight. Under this section, the insured can also purchase additional cover specifically for optical and dental treatment.

The joining age for most medical insurance policies in Kenya new members is from new born babies at the time of Hospital discharge to 75 years old depending on the health insurance company one opts for. Eligible candidates have the freedom to choose the plan they want it can be Inpatient cover alone or Outpatient cover alone or even both.

There are factors to take into consideration when shopping for a medical cover, one should look for a cover that meets most if not all of his/her basic need when it comes to treatment for example if it will take care of day care treatment, Maternity, antenatal and post-natal care for young ladies who are looking forward to having a child, pre-existing and chronic conditions, dental and optical not forgetting laboratory test and prescribed drugs among others.

There are waiting periods on most medical policies and they vary with different health insurance companies, This is an initial period of membership during which no benefit is payable for a certain procedure or service. Waiting period can also apply to additional benefits when you upgrade from one package or provider to another.

The majority of medical insurance companies in Kenya have opted to partner with hospitals, clinics and specialist providers outside the country for their clients, it is reliable and affordable compared to the local hospitals, clinics and providers. This has in away changed the dynamics in the industry with every company running to that direction to ensure they are better placed and keep their current clients.

It is wise to spread the risks that we carry by having a cover with a reputable health insurance company in Kenya With this, one is better placed to handle any unexpected costs that may arise out of an illness or accident, these can otherwise wreck financial havoc and deplete any little savings and investments that one may have accumulated.

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What will health insurance cover?
The main part of health insurance is the inpatient cover. All medical insurance plans in Kenya must have this option. This covers for all hospital charges when the insured is admitted to a medical facility or hospital. In addition to the inpatient cover, few common options can be added like outpatient, dental, optical and maternity covers.
Who is eligible?
All adults resident in Kenya of age 18-65 years may be admitted on cover. Some medical insurance companies may set the oldest joining age at 60 years of age and require a medical test to be taken for members above 55 years of age. Check your medical insurance quote carefully or ask a member of staff.
Can I use my insurance immediately?
Yes and No! There is a waiting period of 14 days before the medical insurance can be used for general illnesses. For medical procedures and surgeries, a sixty days waiting period exists. For accidents and emergencies, there is no waiting period. Note : Waiting periods of up to 3 years exist for pre-existing conditions, check your medical insurance quote and policy for details.
How can I save money and get the best medical insurace plan?
Compare and Compare! We compare all medical insurance providers in Kenya, products, limits, hospitals and prices.
Top tips :
  • Choose an economy health insurance package, these give you exactly the same type of cover as the premium packages but only work on a restricted list of hospitals excluding the leading hospitals in Kenya.
  • Secondly, mix and match the inpatient and outpatient limits, try to keep the inpatient limits no more than KSh 1 million and outpatient limits of KSh 50,000.
  • How can I make claims on my policy?
    All medical insurance providers issue a 'smartcard' to members. The smart card is to be presented at the medical facility/hospital before seeking treatment. If you seek treatment at a hospital outside of the panel of hospitals on the panel of your insurance company, then you may be forced to pay out of pocket then file for a refund. Note : Each insurer has set limits for refunds for different medical procedures. Confirm with your insurance before seeking treatment outside the prescribed list of medical facilities. For more details on how to raise a medical insurance claim, please check our claims page



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