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Travel Insurance In Kenya : How to file a travel claim?

Posted on 2018-11-01 in: Travel Insurance in Kenya
Travel Insurance In Kenya : How to file a travel claim?

Travel insurance cover is a mandatory cover to persons visiting other countries where they are not citizens. This policy covers against the following perils.

  • Emergency Medical Related expenses
  • Provision of a personal accident cover
  • Expenses incurred in the event of cancellation or curtailment of an insured trip
  • Expenses incurred following travel delays and losses of baggage

Emergency Medical Related Expenses

This policy will cover all perils or risks as a result of the following insurance events depending on the cover option selected. For most travel insurance plans for Kenyan citizens, the following are normally covered:

  1. Medical expenses and hospitalization abroad In the event of illness or injury of the insured occurring outside the Usual Country of Residence,
  2. Emergency medical evacuation incase of illness or accident to the insured
  3. Emergency dental care to the insured if and when it is necessary
  4. Daily Hospital cash benefit if the insured is confined to a hospital due to non pre-existent sickness or accident
  5. Repatriation of family member travelling with insured due to sudden illness or accident
  6. Repatriation of mortal remains of the insured
  7. Travel of one immediate family member when the insured is hospitalized for more than 5 days
  8. Emergency return home following the death to close relative

Losses And Delays

  1. Loss of passport, driving license and National identity card when abroad

    In case of loss of the Insured's passport, driving license, national identity card while abroad, the Company will take charge of the expenses of the replacements necessary for obtaining a new passport, driving license, national identity card or equivalent consular document.

  2. Compensation for in-flight loss of checked-in baggage

    The Company will supplement the compensation for which the carrier is liable up to a limit provided as a sum of both compensation payments, for the collection of baggage and possessions checked in by each Insured, in the event of loss during the carriage by air performed by the carrier company, for the purpose of which the Insured shall furnish a list of the contents including the estimated price and date of purchase of each item, as well as the settlement of the compensation payment by the carrier.
    Compensation payment for loss will be calculated according to the procedures recommended by international carriage by air organizations.
    The minimum period of time that must elapse for the baggage to be considered to have been lost once and for all will be that stipulated by the carrier company shall not be less than 21 days. Companies like the online insurance aggregators compare the market in the UK have popularized the concept of comparing covers online before you buy.

  3. Compensation for delay in the arrival of luggage

    In the event of a delay of more than 4 hours in delivering the baggage checked in, since the arrival of the flight on an IATA Member Airline, the Company will cover up to a limit specified by the selected plan for each Insured person, to purchase prime necessity items (those that are indispensable while the Insured awaits the arrival of the delayed baggage), provided that the relevant original copies of the invoices are furnished.
    Claimant will be required to provide the following:

    • Duly completed claim form
    • Comprehensive statement on the circumstances surrounding the loss from the Insured
    • Copy of passport page showing the entry/exit stamps to the respective countries
    • Copy of the page showing the details of the Insured
    • Declaration of the delay from the airline company
    • Copy of the flight ticket
    • The delivery tag of the luggage (the return date of the luggage)

Delayed Departure

When the departure of the common carrier contracted by the Insured for travelling is delayed by at least 6 hours, the insurance Company, subject to presentation of the corresponding original invoices, shall reimburse (upon presentation of original purchase receipts) any additional expenses incurred (transport and hotel accommodation, as well as basic necessity garments and meals) as a result of the said delay. It is important to confirm on the details of cover on your policy as some of the cheap travel insurance for Kenyan citizens don't cover such delays. This is because these policies have benefits that are tailored sorely for visa application requirements covering only the emergency medical benefits.

Missed Travel Connection

The insurance company, subject to presentation of the corresponding original invoices, will reimburse the accommodation (room only) and travel expenses incurred in reaching your overseas destination if your connecting flight is missed at transfer point due to the late arrival of your flight. Top travel insurance providers like AIG travel guard have returned confidence to the consumer market after settling some of the most common claims on the policy which inconvenience clientele.

Personal Accidents

  1. Accidental Deaths
  2. In case of death the beneficiaries are required to provide the following documents to insurance company in order to claim the benefits

    • Insured's Birth certificate and literal Death certificate.
    • Those that prove the Beneficiaries' identity. Should they be the legal heirs, it shall also prove necessary to present the declaration of heirs decreed by the competent Court.
    • Where the beneficiaries are duly designated in a will, a certification from the General Registry of Last Wills and Testaments or local equivalent Authority, together with a first copy thereof, will be required.
    • Letter of payment or declaration of exemption from Inheritance Tax, duly issued by the corresponding Tax Delegation or local equivalent Authority.

  3. Permanent Disability
  4. This is deemed to consist of the permanent anatomic loss or lack of functionality or limbs or organs as a result of an accident. The amount of the indemnity shall be determined by applying to the Sum Insured the percentages established in the Injury Table

Civil Liability

Insurance company guarantees the Insured to pay the compensation for which the Insured may be civilly liable by law, for bodily or material damages caused involuntarily to third parties and products during the lifetime of the insurance contract,

If you are a traveller and you have a claim or inquiry about your travel insurance policy bought in Kenya, please reach out to us on the contacts below or simply visit this travel insurance cover form and fill in your details for us to get back to you. In addition check out our insurance claims section to get an idea of how insurance claims processing and turn around times in the Kenyan insurance market

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