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Top Travel Destinations In Africa

Posted on 2019-06-11 in: Travel Insurance in Kenya
Top Travel Destinations In Africa

The thought in most people's minds at the mention of Africa is that of a faraway land with minimal development and/or civilization and wild animals roaming freely.

However, Africa is the second largest continent after Asia and has 54 countries calling it home. Other than being the cradle land of mankind, the continent has a rich history that dates way before the colonization era and a variety of indigenous tribes all with rich and diverse cultures. The topography, climate, pearly white sand beaches, wildlife, flora and fauna are just but a part of the attractive features that serve as travel destinations to many.

This article gives a brief journey throughout Africa and the various destination points one can purpose to travel to.

West Africa

Starting from Western Africa, a visit to Ghana will afford one the real African feeling. In the former gold coast country one can visit the famous slavery museums, take a walk on the Labadi beach or go thrift shopping at Kajeita market.

The mountain scenery is one of the best views for travellers to the cluster islands in Cape Verde as they go island hopping, exploring the chains of villages and sunbathing in the country's beaches. One may also enjoy the beats of Cape Verde's morna music at São Vicente & Santiago island.

Liberia boasts being one of the two African countries that was not colonized by the Europeans. Additionally, it is home to the largest rainforest in West Africa with rolling hills of coffee and rubber plantations. Its golden beaches and blue lagoons must surely relax any tired soul that visits the West African nation.

In São Tomé & Príncipe, eco-tourists will surely have the time of their life as they trek the exotic jungle to reach the top of Pico de São Tomé, the island's old volcano. One can enjoy snorkeling, hiking, bird watching and fishing. One may also go diving at Ilheu das Rolas or go whale watching at Ilha das Cabras and Lagoa Azul. The cuisine and landmarks from the colonial era in the country are some of the other travel destinations in the country.

São Tomé and Principe is Africa's smallest state situated in the gulf of Guinea in western Africa. This is a perfect beach holiday for a couple or for a group of friends wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of crowded beaches. The island is blessed with beautiful and serene beaches where you can enjoy fishing and go diving with the island's main diving agency Club Maxel. The best sites for diving are Ilheu das Rolas, which is situated south of the Sao Tome Island, and Ilha da Santana.

North Africa

Morocco is the ultimate destination for travellers to Northern Africa. "With a history stretching back nearly 10,000 years, the country's great cities—Marrakech, Tangier, Fez and Rabat—offer a look into ancient traditions," says Worth. The Djemaa el Fna is the largest square in Africa and here travellers can buy spices or Arabic designed teapots and experience dances and story-telling sessions in the evenings when the artists come out to play. One can also enjoy a camel ride in the Sahara Desert, sleep under the stars and interact with the nomadic Berbers who are the habitants of the desert region.

pyramids of Egypt

Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea lies Carthage in Tunisia. Cathage was an influential city in the world during the Phoenician rule until when it was destroyed by the Roman Empire. Today, its ruins form part of the UNESCO World Heritage. With sights such as the Amphitheatre, Antoninus Baths and the Roman villas that are close to each other, one can explore the city in just a day.

Egypt is yet another must stop for travellers to Africa. Re-known for its pyramids that date to 2580BC, a trip to the Arabic country is an unforgettable experience. In the Egyptian city of Cairo, one can start by visiting the Egyptian Museum which houses over 120,000 ancient antiques including King Tut's Gold mask and thereafter taking a felucca (traditional sailboat) ride down the infamous River Nile which is the longest River in the world. One can also ride a hot air balloon in Luxor and have a perfect view of the River Nile. The city lies in the ancient Thebes which was the Pharaohs' capital back in the day and here, some of the travel destinations include Karnak temple, Valley of the Kings and Valley of the queens, the Sphinx and all the other ancient monuments.

For more of the pyramids, one can travel further down to Meroe in Sudan. The black, iron rich stone pyramids at the Royal Cemetery of Meroe are impressive structures with inscriptions of Meroitic hieroglyphs.

Easter Africa

In Eastern Africa, one is sure to be bedazzled by the wildlife in the region. The Great Rift Valley system that cuts across most of the region is thriving with nature's best in terms of wildlife.

giraffe Nairobi Kenya

In Kenya, one can be guaranteed of seeing the Big 5 in the various national parks including Maasai Mara National park, Aberdares National park, Tsavo parks and Mt Kenya National Park among others. In Nyeri, one can visit the Treetops lodge which is where Queen Elizabeth II was declared the queen at only 14 years old. A stop at the sunny beaches in the coast of Kenya is a must as one can explore the tranquil sandy beaches, go scuba diving, fishing and water-life viewing among other activities.

Uganda is the source of the River Nile and is home to the Nyakagezi gorilla family that comprises of 5 adult male silverbacks. One can trek to see these mountain gorillas among other animals that resemble the kind found in Kenya. For hikers, a stop at Tanzania's Mount Kilimanjaro offers the perfect expedition, being the second tallest mountain in the world. Viewing the Great wildebeest migration from The Mara in Kenya to Serengeti National park is also a big check of the bucket list for many.

Central Africa

The Victoria Falls are the largest waterfalls and are located border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. One may also go water rafting down the Zambezi river for an upclose view of the crocodiles and hippos residing in the waters. "Additionally, Zambia focuses on fantastic walking safaris in wonderful national parks like South Luangwa and the Lower Zambezi. In the latter, you can also do canoeing and fishing in addition to the game drives and walks,” says Hippo Creek Safari's Daniel Saperstein.

Southern Africa

To cap off the African tour, Southern Africa presents a variety of travel destination point and its people and culture is quite intriguing to the visitors.

In Namibia, which lies in the Kalahari Desert, one cannot expect to see game but is guaranteed enthralling scenery of some of the highest sand dunes on the face of earth. In Botswana however, a ride in Mokoros (traditional dug-out canoes) affords one an up close view of the wildlife that is teaming in the Okavango Delta. Here, you may also meet people of the San tribe, which is one of the oldest tribes in the world as well as the elusive wild dog.

Cape Town South Africa

In South Africa, needless to say, there is plenty of wildlife, similar to what is in East Africa. The country is also quite modern so expect to meet a first world kind of life. One can go wine tasting in the sprawling vineyards or go hiking the Table mountain. Be sure to immerse yourself in the cuisine as well, it is quite a delicacy.

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