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WIBA Insurance Quotes in Kenya

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WIBA Insurance Quotes in Kenya

Every morning, for most part of the week, we roll out of bed and prepare for another great day ahead. For majority of the adult population, this means going to work. Among the things we anticipate to encounter at work, an accident is not one of them.

So what happens if one day you tripped over a cable lying carelessly in the office and as a result broke your nose? Who bears the cost of treatment for the resulting injuries?

Since such accidents disrupt not only the business but also livelihood of the employees, the government made it a legal obligation for all Kenyan employers to compensate employees for injuries or diseases the employees may suffer that arise out of and in the course of their occupation.

This was made so by an Act of Parliament titled Workmen's Compensation Act. The Act was repealed in 2007 and changed to the Work Injury Benefits Act (WIBA) which is the law in force.

What exactly then does WIBA entail?

Since it can be a daunting task for the employers to handle this risk internally, most transfer the risk to approved insurance companies who then issue and maintain a policy that covers the employer by providing compensation to employees who sustain injuries, fall sick or die in the course of employment. The injury or disease must be unforeseen, arise in the course of work and must be related to the employee's scope of duty.

Insurers, therefore, issue a WIBA cover which is designed to compensate employees in the event of such occurrences. A WIBA Plus cover is also another policy that covers the same risk in addition to compensating an employee's next of kin in the event of their death while on the line of duty. It extends to cover risks to the employee during work hours just like the standard WIBA and also after work hours so in essence, it is a 24hrs cover. Both policies cover transport costs to and from hospital, medical expenses including first aid facilities, payment of all dental and surgical treatment, nursing care, replacement of artificial limbs and funeral expenses of workers.

Compensation is structured and based on the employee's earnings with the benefit payable being equivalent to the employees 96 months earnings for death or permanent disability. Since the Act lacks compensation limits, insurers have come up with limits which they feel the industry can sustain, therefore claims beyond these limits are borne by the employer.

All employees in Kenya, including government employees, are recognized under the WIBA for compensation with the exception of members of the Armed Forces.

WIBA Employee

What's GPA/WIBA?

This is the predecessor of the now popular WIBA+ plus cover. Using the Group Personal Accident (GPA) combined with WIBA, employers are able to get 24hrs coverage against liabilities for an employee. This goes on to cover all accidents and any work related illnesses that may arise.

What's Employer's Liability Insurance?

Employer Liability insurance extension that is normally taken with the main WIBA/WIBA+ policy, it is a cover that protects the insured (employer) from liabilities arising out of WIBA claims made by employees. This may be from negligence or breach of common law or statutory duty by the employer. For cases that may be referred to the courts system, this liability cover offers several limits of cover measured in percentages of the WIBA statutory limits.

So, what is the cost of a WIBA cover?

It is calculated based on the earnings of employees and the hazards related to the nature of work. The cost of cover for a large factory manufacturing paint will be relatively higher than that of covering an SME that supplies stationery as the levels of risk are not equal.

Similarly, the cover cost for management in a go-down facility will be higher than that for the laborers who load and offload goods because of the difference in earnings.

When looking for a WIBA quote, the employer must first have a well updated record of employee's earnings. He can then seek quotes from insurance providers that are licensed by IRA, or an insurance agent. He/she should also keep in mind the market reputation of the insurance company, its accessibility, the cost and services it will provide before settling on a company to purchase the WIBA cover from.

If you are looking for more information about WIBA insurance / GPA / Employer's Liability Insurance, don't hesitate to get in touch with us or start a chat online with one of our experienced sales advisors. Check out what customers are saying about our online insurance covers on the reviews.

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