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Why You Should Buy Car Insurance Online

Posted on 2016-07-12

Digital channels are being used today to sell all kinds of goods and services; it was only a matter of time that this trend moved in to the insurance industry.

With the ever-increasing use of smartphones and apps insurers are now able to reach out to their target market using the Internet. This allows consumers to instantly compare prices of different providers and ensure they are getting the best deal possible.

Many insurance companies in Kenya are already online in a big way. They are now investing heavily into infrastructure to sell their car insurance products online.

Here are a few reasons why it is advantageous to buy Car insurance online;

Price & options

When purchasing insurance online the price is usually very competitive since this saves the insurance companies a lot of paper work and time. Furthermore, to remain competitive and encourage online sales insurance companies also provide customers with offers and discounts whereas other companies have reward based incentive models.

With the availability of online comparison tools like it is now easy to compare policies. Quotations from a wide range of insurers can be retrieved in a matter of seconds. A very detailed comparison can be made between different policies before choosing a policy that fits your needs. One can tailor a package that suits your requirements with transparency and ease.


When buying a car insurance policy online, you have the option to compare various options, pick a policy that fits you needs and complete all the paper work online. This ensures that the information entered is accurate as agents/brokers may misinterpret some vital information if you rely on them to fill your form. This can lead to a claim being rejected due to inaccurate information. Going physically to an agent can be time consuming as it may require several trips back and forth before a policy is bought. The online route also makes saving all your supporting documentation easier and reduces the risk of physical documentation being stolen or tampered with.

Agents & Brokers

Working with insurance agents can be difficult as most of them have their own agenda and push for policies that earn them more commissions. Shopping online gives you the freedom of choice to shop around and select a policy that best fits your needs. Shopping online gives you a transparent and independent view on insurance companies and products they offer. You are free to make your own choice and look for a product that satisfies your current needs. There are always contact numbers on online insurance portals so if there is any confusion or any questions there is always a qualified insurance expert who will advise you on the best products that match your current needs.

Renewals and Payments

At the time of renewal it is easily possible to forget that a premium is due. Having an online account and purchasing your product online ensures that you receive timely reminders regarding premium payments. There will also be no need to follow up with agents and make multiple trips to renew your policy. Renewal dates of policies are also captured online. You can be rest assured to receive a call from an online aggregators employee regarding renewal terms and processes way before your policy runs out.


All in all shopping online offers a better experience to insurance buyers. The future of the insurance industry is in digital innovation, competitive pricing and innovative offers. With the fast paced world and the ever-increasing traffic on the roads, online insurance sales are here to stay. It is better to get ahead of the curve by embracing it sooner rather than later.

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