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Posted on 2016-07-20

Have you ever been invited for a medical bill fund raising function? Probably it’s a YES and if not, just may be you have heard it from a sibling, relative, neighbor, workmate or even a friends friend and they requested you to accompany them to one such function. I really have to congratulate you for playing part in that and giving it your best.

With all due respect my only biggest worry and concern is why would I spend between 10K-50K shillings for a worth course planning for a fund raiser expecting to get 1M shillings only for me to gather 300K from which 30% or more are pledges which am not guaranteed they will be paid yet there is a person willing to take care of my 1M with the few shillings I used to plan for the fund raising?

With a medical cover in place all these can be done without any hustle to plan for a fund raising which will save my time, money and energy as well. With Equimed you have for as low as 200K cover limts to as high as 5M cover limit at an affordable premium. This covers for either an Individual or a family.

Equimed will cover for your :-

  • Hospitalisation i.e Illness/Accident hospitalization.
  • Hospital accommodation.
  • Day care surgery.
  • Maternity.
  • Antenatal and post-natal care.
  • MRI, CT scan and pathology.
  • Home Nursing care.
  • Local emergency road ambulance.
  • Overseas referral treatment for treatment not locally available.
  • Nursing care drugs and dressings.
  • Pre-existing, chronic, congenital, and HIV/AIDS related conditions.
  • Radiology
  • Primary consultation to preferred providers country wide.
  • Dental and Optical treatment.
  • Prescribed drugs and dressing.
  • Specialist consultation among others.

With this, all your friends and acquaintances between the age of 1 month to 74 years are eligible for the package. Over and above the great benefits offered there is a wide range of service providers and specialists who are easily accessible and provide high end service to their clients not to mention the overseas referral treatment that is not locally available.

With the little said I would ask again, who does not like being healthy with abit of financial freedom and no risk to worry about? Your guess is as good as mine, off course I LIKE. Why would you use much of your time planning for a fund raising function that you are also not guaranteed that you are going to reach to half of your expected guests and meet the budget? There is the solution that will guide you to the right direction.

Act ! Act ! Act ! save a friend from the hustle by sharing.

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