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How KSh 3,000 Can Save Your Household From Flooding

Posted on 2018-05-01
How KSh 3,000 Can Save Your Household From Flooding

With the dangerous flowing that has engulfed Nairobi and the rest of the country, many individuals, households and families have found themselves homeless with all their earthly belongings completely destroyed. The poor drainage in most of the urban areas in the country as aggravated the flooding problem, destroying roads, homes, buildings and property. Roads have also collapsed swallowing pedestrians and motorists alike. Many have lost their motor vehicles to flooding, being swept away. While the rain was cried out for during the drought just gone by, it has come and left many in despair. Often forgotten is the value of having simple insurance plans that can indemnify you in the event of such natural or man made disasters. For an affordable price, these insurance covers can offer peace of mind during the hardest times.

Home Insurance Cover

For those who are financially savvy, having taken out an affordable home insurance plan could have saved them from total and utter despair. The home insurance or domestic package insurance as is popularly known covers not only the building but also contents and fittings in the building.

Building Cover

For as little as KSh 3,000 a year, one can protect their home building from fire, thunder, lightning, flooding, earthly explosions and many other natural calamities. IN the event that the building is destroyed by flooding, the insurance cover would pay for its rebuilding. A common sight during the floods is collapsed buildings in Nairobi and upcountry arising from shoddy construction that unfortunately claim many innocent lives.




Household Contents Cover

This is a section on the home insurance plan which covers the contents in the house which include sofas, kitchen appliances, Hi-Fi systems, clothing and other accessories. In the event of flooding, these are the most affected, water damage causing most electrical appliances to fail.
For less than KSh 3,000 per annum, one can cover contents worth KSh 400,000. In most urban home, this is more than sufficient to cover all the major items in a nuclear household.
Lastly, smartphones, laptops and tablets have become a permanent fixture in every urban dweller’s household. These too can be covered on the home insurance plan. For as little as KSh 500, one can cover smartphone, laptop and tablets of up to KSh 20,000 in value.



Last but not least, another insurance cover that will come in handy during this flooding season is the comprehensive car insurance in Kenya. Due to the heavy rains, road accidents become more frequent and cause damage and loss to motor vehicles. In addition, heavy winds also cause destruction of property directly and by felling trees in the vicinity. A comprehensive car insurance plan will give you peace of mind know your vehicle is fully covered. The car insurance plan covers damage to the windscreen, accidental damage from road accidents, fires, flooding, thunder and lightning. Paying as little as KSh 20,130 per annum can secure your vehicle worth over KSh 500,000.


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