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Temporary Car Insurance Rates in Kenya

Posted on 2018-08-01 in: Car Insurance in Kenya
Temporary Car Insurance Rates in Kenya

Temporary car insurance is an alternative insurance cover to the 12 months policy. It is a short term solution for everyday tasks where someone may need to borrow a car but are not covered by the existing insurance policies. It is generally a cheaper option than buying a new policy or amending an existing one. Temporary car insurance offers a flexible way to insure a vehicle for the exact amount of time you need to be covered anywhere from 1 hour to 30 days. It provides a reliable way to take out daily car insurance, as one who does not have car insurance would be contravening Chapter 405 of the statute laws and shall be guilty of an offence and be liable to a fine not exceeding ten thousand shillings or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years or to both and may lead to such person be disqualified from holding or obtaining a driving license or provisional license under the Traffic Act for a period of twelve months from the date of such conviction or for such longer period as the court may think fit.

This type of cover or arrangement is not popular and one will not find most insurance companies give or advertise the short term cover. In most cases as in the U.S one will have to take an insurance cover for a term of six months then cancel it just after the period of time they need it ends then be refunded the amount unearned. One will have the option to pay on a month to month basis or prepay the amount and request a refund later after cancellation of cover.

In Kenya, Heritage insurance is one of the insurance companies that provides the short term insurance policy. It insures private vehicles under the following conditions,

  • The private vehicle will include saloon, station wagons and the large four wheel drive.
  • The vehicle insured must be used for social, domestic and purposes only.

Temporary car insurance premium

Temporary car insurance is similar to the normal insurance policy. One will choose the amount of coverage which will range from the minimum insurance requirement to higher limits if you have more assets to lose. In Kenya, the minimum limit is the Third party insurance cover. For different types of vehicles (private, PSV, commercial) get instant quotes for third party car insurance on this link.

Depending on the kind of temporary insurance you decide to purchase, one may have different coverage options. Inquire on the basic car insurance cover before buying it and that is,

  • Liability
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Collision coverage
  • Towing
  • Loss of use
  • Property loss

The price of the temporary insurance will depend on the kind of car you are insuring, how you will use it and the length of time you will require the temporary insurance for. To make sure you are getting a good insurance quote compare the rates with different leading insurance companies and ensure you are comparing same coverage limits and duration. Buying insurance online in Kenya on aggregator websites may help a consumer quickly and conveniently get a good deal.

Situations when the temporary insurance is needed

  • People visiting a country on vacation or business trip for a short term and buying a temporary car
  • People who are buying a car for a short period of time and then plan to resell it.
  • People who drive less or those who will be driving rental cars on and off on several occasions or for a few months.
  • Temporary additional driver
  • Learner driver or test driving a car
  • Policy renewal time and the owner is not sure where to renew the policy or which policy to purchase.
  • People borrowing a car from a friend or family member for an extended period of time.

Differences between Kenya and North America/Europe

In Kenya, the motor insurance policy is attached to the vehicle/asset while in the West, the insurance is attached to the individual insured. Therefore it is not legal to drive a vehicle unless one has been insured to drive it in the West.

In addition, before hiring a vehicle in the West, one has to make an additional payment for the insurance for the duration of the hire. In Kenya, the insurance cover is an annual contract already attached to the vehicle. This form of temporary car insurance is common in Europe.

COMESA Yellow Card

The COMESA yellow card is a temporary motor vehicle insurance which is valid in all participating countries. The card covers third- party liabilities and medical expenses for the driver of the vehicle and his passengers, should they suffer any bodily injury as a result of an accident to an insured vehicle. It also facilitates cross border movement of vehicles between COMESA member countries, hence motorists do not have to buy insurance cover at each boarder post as they cross. The limits of liability for this COMESA Yellow card cover are up to USD 5,000 for a motorcycle and up to USD 30,000 for a motor vehicle.

Below are the member countries of the COMESA regions;

Burundi Kenya Swaziland
Comoros Libya Seychelles
Democratic Republic of Congo Madagascar Uganda
Djibouti Malawi Zambia
Egypt Mauritius Zimbabwe
Eritrea Rwanda  
Ethiopia Sudan  

Auto Dealers

This is a business that sells new or used cars and due to large risk involved in their business they need to have insurance to cover them in case of occurrence of any risk. Auto dealers in Kenya are common in major towns, they stock used cars for sale to individuals and corporates. A comprehensive auto dealer insurance should be able to cover the below risks.

  • Property damage and bodily injury related to the garage operations.
  • Cover damage to auto and property left by customers.
  • Garage owned autos-cover damage of garage owned autos on lot or stored.
  • Newly acquired autos-protect new or additional autos acquired during the policy period.
  • Temporary substitute autos-protect your owned auto in case they must use a temporary vehicle.
  • Find out the different types of temporary car insurances in Kenya and get immediate car insurance quotes online on

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