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AAR PROACTIV Medical Insurance

Posted on 2017-02-27
AAR PROACTIV Medical Insurance

Welcome to the revolution that puts you in control of your health and your money. Gone are the days you paid your medical insurance and got nothing back. Kenya’s first and only medical insurance that pays you back for your healthy lifestyle now has enhanced features that not only give you premium medical cover, but also pay you back part of your unused premium every year.

What’s more? For every year you sustain cover with us, your cover limits grow without you paying more!

This enhanced medical insurance will cover both out-patient and in-patient treatment. If healthy, you will receive part of your premium back at the end of the year as well as enjoy bigger cover the following year!

If sick, AAR Proactiv guarantees you premium medical care at any of our wide network of providers.

The new and exciting features of AAR Proactiv secures you the following:

AAR Proactiv

AAR Proactiv Features

AAR Proactiv Access

Part of your premium will be available for you to access whenever you need medical attention, if not utilized, 50% will be returned to you in cash at the end of every year. The remaining 50% will be used to top up your cover for the following year and give you bigger amount to access that year. This process continues every year you have cover with us, thereby giving you bigger cover and cash back.

The balance of your premiums will be used to cover full benefits in case you exhaust your Proactiv Access. This guarantees you full protection whenever you get sick With AAR Insurance you get your money’s worth whether sick or healthy!

AAR Inpatient Cover

In case you are admitted in hospital, AAR Insurance guarantees cover to the limit you purchased.

AAR Inpatient Cover

AAR Proactiv Benefits

Why Choose AAR Proactiv Medical Insurance Solution?

Members who have embraced a healthy lifestyle and therefore do not utilize their insurance cover can now get part of the money they used to pay for insurance back. Your premiums no longer go to a bottomless hole.

  • Members who sustain their cover with AAR Insurance will grow their limits for every year they stay with AAR Insurance without paying additional money. The longer you stay with AAR Insurance, the bigger your cover limit grows at no extra cost
  • Members always get something back. When sick, they get covered, when healthy, they get their money back!

AAR Proactiv Age

Your measure of Wellness

The higher purpose of AAR Insurance is to have each and every Kenyan know their Proactiv age. This is the age that is determined by your lifestyle choices, it could be older or younger than your calendar age.

Visit AAR and click on the ‘know your Proactiv age’ tab. Although people consider their biological or calendar age to be their real age, they often overlook the fact that physical conditions may have an effect on their calendar age.

A young person could be older than their actual age based on their physical conditions and vice versa.

To determine a person’s true state of age, AAR Insurance has developed a tool that examines one’s state of wellbeing and Proactiv age through all dimensions of wellness –therefore expressing their true age.

In order to influence one’s Proactiv age to be younger than their calendar age, one has to establish good healthy behaviours and stick to them. Some of things to consider include:

  • Avoid smoking
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Manage your stress level
  • Engage in meaningful social relationships
  • Laugh more
  • Eat a rich balanced diet
  • Exercise
  • Reduce environmental poisons
  • Take time to meditate

Visit the AAR Insurance website on and click on the ‘Know your Proactiv age’ tab to start your wellness journey.

AAR Insurance Cover Options

AAR Insurance places you first with focus on giving comprehensive benefits, which put you in control of things that matter most

In-patient Treatment

These are medical services that require admission in hospital. This cover is offered in options of Gold Proactiv, Silver Proactiv! and Bronze Proactiv. We cover but are not limited to:

  • Illnesses (pre-existing and chronic conditions) & all accidental injuries
  • Surgeries - Medical practitioners fees
  • Investigative procedures
  • Maternity expenses
  • Emergency and evacuation both locally and internationally
  • Guardian accommodation for admitted children below 8 years
  • Prescription drugs

Out-patient Treatment

These are medical services that do not require admission in hospital. The services here include: - Medical practitioners fees

  • Investigative procedures
  • Child Immunization
  • Specialist and consultation fees (Pre- authorization required)
  • Dental and Eye care
  • Prescription drugs

All these medical services are provided at our extensive open panel network of providers.

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